Friday, August 20, 2010

Cake Time

Didn't realize how hard it was going to be going back to work at school full time and trying to get my cake time in.  I have a cake due tomorrow and I still have so much to do.  What's a girl to do????? ACKKKK

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moon & Stars Cake

Decorated a simple cake so I could use the sugar glass I made yesterday.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Playing with Sugar Glass

Moon and the Stars were so pretty but I forgot to bang out the bubbles.  The tin of sugar I intentionally made it look like broken glass.  So fun but VERY DANGEROUS!!!!
Today I decided I wanted to make sugar glass and incorperate it into some of my cake designs.  I was watching one of those cake challenges and have seen a few uses for it.  The tile effect was awesome.  Well, I just wanted to test out sugar strings and different molds.  It was soooo cool. I want to try it again. This is what I came up with, I'm gonna use them on a cake but not sure where yet.

Photos of Cakes since April 2010

Mafia Wars Cake
My first ever fondant cake.  Joel's "Mafia Wars" Cake Fondant on Fondant- Choc cake w/ expresso heath crunch filling. I forgot to color the fondant before putting it on the cake.

Oh The Places You Will Go Cake
Fondant on Fondant- Red Velvet w/cream cheese filling. This is Joel's 2nd Birthday Cake called "Oh, the places you will go!" Based on our 2010 Summer Trip hence Dr Seuss Memorial Gardens, DC, NYC, South of the Border, Plymouth Rock, Crayola Factory, a few of the places out of 120.

Confirmation Cake
Becca's Confirmation Cake Fondant on Fondant Choc w/ Mocha Filling

Princess Cake
Princess Christen's Cake Fondant on Fondant Choc cake w/ Fresh Strawberries

Graduation Cake
Kelli's Graduation Cake Fondant on Fondant  -Top Choc w/Strawberry Preserves Bottom Yellow w/ Strawberry Preserves

Mother's Day Cake
Cindy's  Mother's Day Cake Lemon w/Lemon filling

Mother's Day Cake in buttercream
My Mother's Day Cake-Just for practicing w/ Buttercream w/expresso filling.

Granny's Grandmother's Day Cake
Fondant Yellow w/Fresh Strawberries

Dolphin Cake
Emilce's "Dolphina" Cake Fondant on Fondant- Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese filling.

Basketball Cake
Ron"Ice" the BBall Player Fondant on Fondant- Lemon w/lemon filling.

Bowling Ball Cake
Daisy's Grad Cake "Bowling Party" Fondant on Fondant Choc w/ expresso filling.

Girl Scout Cake
My daughter's Girl Scout Troop had their Bridging Ceremony from Juniors to Cadets.  Fondant on Fondant- Choco w/ choc filling Bottom  Yellow w/Choc Chip 

Fondant Mini Cakes
Teacher's Appreciation Mini Cakes. Fondant on Fondant.  2 of my girls graduated 5th grade and we gave these to their teachers as thank you gifts.

Open Book Cake
My first book cake made for my graduating girls.  Didn't have time to decorate so this is what they got.  Fondant on Fondant. Half of the cake was Choc w/ expresso  the other half was lemon w/lemon.

Father's Day Cake
Modern Art Father's Day "Gardening" Cake Buttercream w/ choc shards and brownies.  Choc w/ expresso

Boat Cake
Father's Day "Fishman" Cake for Brandon with Adriana and baby Sophia. Fondant on Fondant- Choc w/ expresso.

Beach Cake
Grandfather's Day "Lotto Winner" Cake for Nathan Fondant on Fondant- Yellow w/ pinapple whipped filling.
Dominican Cake
Emilce's Dominican Cake- First time ever making it.
Fun Birthday Cake
Zoe's 13th Birthday Cake Fondant on Fondant- Yellow w/Fresh Strawberries.

Calla Lily Cake
50th Anniversary Cake Gum paste flowers on Fondant Yellow w/ pinapple whipped filling.

40 Cake
Maria's 40th Birthday Cake Fondant on Fondant- Choc w/ expresso filling.

Nintendo DS Lite Cake
Dylan's "NDS" Cake Gum paste figure on Fondant- Yellow cake no filling.

USPS Mailman Cake Brownies
Chris "The Mailman" Brownie Cake. Gum paste figure on Fondant. Choc Fudge Brownies.

Baptism Cake
Carmen's Baptism Cake Gum paste flowers, shoes and cross on Fondant. Yellow w/ Fresh Strawberries.  

Miami Heat Basketball Cake
Abe "Newest Miami Heat Player" Gum paste figure on Fondant- Choc w/choc filling

Cherry Blossom Cake
My Cherry Blossom Cake for my birthday requested by my brother Chris. Gum paste flowers on Fondant.  Top- Lemon w/ Lime curd Middle- Choc w/express heath crunch Bottom- Half Yellow w/ fresh strawberries other half yellow w/pineapple whip.

Soccer Ball Cake
#74 Soccer Player Gum Paste figure on Fondant. White w/ fresh raspberries.

Lil Mini Cakes
Anna & Johnny's Happy Anniversary Mini Cakes.  Very little frosting since they are both dieters. Anna's is Lemon w/ Lime Curd. Johnny's is Yellow w/ pineapple whipped filling.

Bicycle Rider Cake
Charlie the "Biking Dog Walker" Gumpaste figures on Buttercream.  Yellow cake w/ fresh strawberries.