Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Time Blogging

So tonight I finally decided to create a webpage for my cakes.  I figured that in my process of learning and getting ideas from the abundant amount of cakers out there that have their own page I would also post my ideas to help anyone else out there on their own cake journey.  First off, I will say that the internet has made it completely possible for me to be able to start my own home business.  Never have I would of thought that I would learn so many techniques for all the wonderful people who have posted out there.  I put out a BIG kudos for Mayen and Edna who have done so many helpful tutorials!  Awesome people!  You Tube has been a very helpful part of my learning experience.  I've never taken a professional class nor had anyone teach me.  All the skills I've picked up are from learning on my own and the internet!  Thank you everyone!

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