Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Hunny's Sad "Surprise" Birthday Cake

With such a busy week this week (7 cakes and 4 dozen cupcakes) I attempted to squeeze in my sweetie's birthday cake within all the chaos. My first attempt was a muscle car but that turned into a complete cake wreck! So today within hours of going to a friends birthday party. I attempted to make another quick one, only had 2 hours. So, I baked, torted, filled, iced and covered a 2 tier cake. Now I'm thinking what the heck is the theme going to be??? The card I got him was about having a girl jump out of his birthday cake so I went with that. Although he wanted a buttercream cake the only was to get the look of her breaking out of the cake was to use fondant on the top tier. I figured that would be fine and I'd cover the bottom tier which was his favorite flavors with just buttercream. Anyway, after all that and throwing on some confetti twirls, swirls and what nots. I finally put the final touch on it which was a gumpaste girl. I looked at it and looked at it and the bottom tier started to squish, yes squish! GRRRR! The cake being just freshly baked was too soft! Dagnabbit! Oh well time's up and this is what we have. Scary big eyed girl jumping out of a squishy cake! On it's way out the door to the party, my child says, "Man mom her eyes are really freaky!" GRRRRR! Pop Pop there goes her eyes into the trash. I made them smaller and they looked better but BOOOOO I forgot to get a picture. So, alls well ends well, everyone at the party thought it was so cool even though I could see every imperfection and wanted to walk over to it and smash it. Instead I took it apart and started slicing it! WOO HOO! I don't have to look at it anymore! Sorry babe, next year I will plan a better, cooler cake for ya!

Here she is Miss Scary Eyes with her wrinkled left arm!


  1. LOL! I think it's cute! It's funny how we always zoom in on the imperfections in out work isn't it? I had to laugh when I read this because I felt the same way about the cake I made for my husband last month. It was a rush job. The poor guy puts up with my cake drama all the time. He's so supportive and brags about my work. Then all he gets is a rush job. LOL!

  2. Thanks Lisa! Glad I'm not alone, but I promised myself I will make him a nice Father's Day Cake and his next birthday cake!