Friday, May 20, 2011

White Hydrangea Cake

This is the first cake I've ever shipped. It went from FL to CA overnight. I was unsure about how to pack it but I did the best I knew how. I froze the cake, generously used package tape at the bottom of the board to the cake box, then I plastic wrapped the box to keep the cold in, put the cake box in a larger box with styrofoam at the bottom and sides and then placed air pillows at the top so there could be no movement at all.  So the postal worker was shaking his head the whole time I stood in front of him kinda laughing to himself that I was hopeful the cake would make it in once piece. Told him I'd only make this mistake once, especially at the ridiculous prices of "Overnighting". Thankfully this was ordered by my cousin for my aunt so she was very helpful in my first time experience and very understanding if it didn't work. My biggest concern was that the cake would defrost and separate from the cake board. Anyway, the cake got to my aunt yesterday and there was only one thing that happened to it, she said it smooshed a lil bit on one side. So, now I learn from my mistakes and next cake to ship has to have sides thats are flat or decorations that can be added after delivery!

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