Monday, June 27, 2011

Kiddy Cupcake Decorating Class

First Cupcake decorating class. It was fun and very messy!

Wolverine Cake

3D R2D2 Cake

I decided to get brave with this cake. I knew it would be a challenge and I did my research and was ready to conquer R2D2 in 3D. Well, this cake stacked up nicely 4- 6" rounds and a 6"bowl on top. Ha, guess what they didn't match up, turns out the bowl was a lot smaller then the rounds. So, I decided to put the thing together anyway. Strawberry cake filling with cream cheese filling. I covered it with buttercream, then put the fondant on. Did R2's head separately with no issues. Well since the cake had cream cheese filling it started to soften and the cakes started to slide within the fondant! Great R2's body started to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Grrrrr. I stuck it in the fridge to try to get the cream cheese to harden up again, while I worked on the legs. I made the legs out of rice crispy treats. They looked good! OK, so I took a lil breather and came back to this cake with a clearer mind and took the darn thing out of the fridge and put the head and arms on. I stepped back and looked at what a lovely disaster I had created!!!! Me not so happy at this point! He was crooked, with a lil head, and you could see the back of the arms where it wasn't covered by fondant. Breathing really heavy at that point and it was 4 hours into this cake and thankfully had help from my daughter who did all the cut out pieces. I was frantic it was 11pm and this cake had to be done by 10am pick up the next day. I was already exhausted from finishing 6 other cakes and 4 dozen cupcakes. I got so angry I took his head off and ripped all the fondant off the rest of his body and arms. My daughter was able to save most of the fondant to try again while I worked on recovering his arms. The arms didn't look as good as the first time but at least I got the backs covered too. I recovered the body and put the head back on. Guess what darn head was still too small. Thinking and thinking I tell my daughter to start baking a larger cake so I can remake the head bigger. As she's putting them in the oven a light when off in my head! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I had to do is wrap to strips of fondant around where the head and body connect to hide the difference in size. Shazam! Fixed that! Now for the arms, I put them back on and it looked good with the exception of the big gap between them and the body. Oh No!!! Thinking....thinking... got it fill it will white buttercream...YES! I had so cracks on the arms and lil gaps that weren't so pretty, woo hoo for royal icing, spackle for fondant! LOVE IT!!! OK, I'm doing good got all the major pieces on now all I have to do is attach all the lil pieces and clean it up. Bedtime 2am. Got up at 7am the next morning and cleaned it up! Thank God! I know he's not perfect and still has a lot of flaws but at least we could tell who he was supposed to be!  All in all my client loved it and said her son thought it was awesome!!! At least I know what to do next time!!!

Hello Kitty in the Clouds Cake

Dora Luau Cake

Tiffany Blue Sweet 16 Cake & Cupcakes

Hole In One Golf Cake

Another cake I donated for the charity golf tourney.

Golf Ball Cake

I donated this cake for a charity golf tournament.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Popcorn Cake

I made this for my sweetie for his Father's Day, since we love going to the movies.

Steak Cake

I made this for my boyfriends Dad for Father's Day.

NY Yankees Baseball Cap Cake

This was for my nephew for his First Father's Day.

Scottish Kilt Cake