Friday, July 29, 2011

Tutorial on Making a Standing Up Guy

  Photo Tutorial on Making a Standing Up Guy

This is a quick tutorial for those having a hard time making people who stand up. Any questions please feel free to inbox or email me. Have fun and good luck the possibilities are endless!
Remember this lil guy was done quick imagine what you can do with an idea of what you want and the time to create it!!!
Special thanks to my online mentors, Lorraine McKay and Mayen for your getting me started on making figures!

These are the tools I used. I don’t show the color gels I used because I used precolored Gumpaste that I had laying around.

For The Face:
Roll ball to size need, get rid of wrinkles.                          Shape head and make neck. 

I use the large ball tool to use to make eye indentions, I use my finger and large frill tool to create the nose and a toothpick to poke holes in for nostrils.  I haven’t figured out how to make the mouth with the lips yet but this one was made using a tooth pick.

 I rolled a little ball and cut in two for ears.                    Cut a tiny ball of white in two for whites of eyes.

Cut a ball of skin color in two for eye lids.                     Cut a ball of eye color in two for eyeballs. 

This is what it should look like so far. You can add your eyelashes if you want or any other facial extras.

I decided to add some eyebrows just by cutting another ball of brown in half and then rolling them into tiny strips.

The Body:
For The Pants:
I used a ball about 3 times the size of the head for the pants. I rolled the ball in a sausage and made the ends a little bit wider for my wide leg pants.

I put the ends together to form it. I will now need a piece of spaghetti and a block of Styrofoam.

I again used the large ball tool to widen the leg holes. I decided not to make shoes on this guy because he was going to be a hippie with wide leg pants and you wouldn’t be able to see his shoes but you can at this stage make the shoes you want and attach with your glue then poke your spaghetti stick up one leg and leaven enough hanging down to give full support when its attached to the cake. I try to make it then height of the cake it will be on. You can always use a temporary stick and replace it when it’s ready to be placed on the cake. 
Now you can stand it up in your Styrofoam.

For The Shirt: I use a ball about the size of a golf ball. 

Roll out the wrinkles and shape it like a cone. Use large ball tool to create hole in bottom that will fit over the top part of the pants.

Oopsy, forgot to put the stitching in the pants. Use your stitching tool and run it on both side of pants and for pockets.

Put a little glue on top of the pants and placed the shirt so it fit snugly. Then I rolled out another ball to a sausage to form the arms.

 I put the ends together and cut them in half and measured them to the right length.  I used the medium ball tool and poked holes in for sleeves and to put the hands in.

I again rolled a ball of skin color and formed the hands and cut the fingers. I used the smallest ball tool to put indents on the hand for fingernail beds. I then glued the hands into the sleeves. I put a little glue where the arms go and attached them with little pressure so they would adhere.

Arms are attached, now time to put the head on. I put a piece of spaghetti into the head and enough to put at least half way down the shirt. Dabbed some glue at neck and placed it. For time sake I decided to not go crazy with hair so I decided a Mohawk was the fastest way to go. Just made a bunch of little brown cones and attached them down the middle of his head. I also attached a big black hoop earring just for the heck of it. 
After I was done I thought about cutting his pants in to shorts and adding a pair of combat boots but I was too tired. So viola, a standing dude!

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