Monday, October 17, 2011

Kissing Dolphins Cake

This cake was very specific. It was requested by 7 year old twin girls for their birthday. They wanted 2 dolphins forming the shape of a heart and kissing. One had to be made chocolate and purple, the other had to be vanilla and pink. There had to be a crab and sea shells on it too. I got a call from their mom today telling me how the absolutely loved the cake and it was exactly what they wanted!!

30th Birthday Collage Cake

This cake was designed by my customer for his brother's 30th birthday. He actually sent me a sketch which incorporated everything he loves.

 Looks like a very pleased birthday boy.

Simple New York Yankee Cake

This was a super last minute cake for my niece's husband for his birthday. Super simple!

Cookie Bouquet Basket

The Big One
There was 3 dozen cookies in there. 1 dozen sugar cookies on sticks, 1 dozen chocolate chip 1 dozen white chocolate chip and a box of buckeyes. Two cookies ended up breaking so I replaced them with 2 more in the design of Brutus the mascot for Ohio State, it was a last min thing that's why there is no pic with them in it.

Cookie Bouquet

This is the first attempt at a cookie bouquet, this was a tester for the big one.