Friday, January 20, 2012

Rainbow Effect Cupcakes and Tutorial



You'll need your white(or light colored) buttercream icing, piping bag, gel colors and toothpicks

With your toothpick dip into gel color

Run color from inside near tip of bag to about halfway up the bag

Continue this with all colors you use, the more colors the better it looks

Glob your buttercream in the bag

Squeeze it down

Start squeezing til all your colors start to come out

and viola 

Remember that the beginning will always have a more intense color and as you keep squeezing it will go lighter

Rainbow Cake Tutorial

Baked Cakes and Colored Buttercream

Made Buttercream Colored Plugs

Cut cakes in half

Deciding how the cake would stand

Filled the cakes

Filled in the gaps and saran wrapped both cakes together.

Crumb coated

Started putting each individual plug in piping bag and did each color, then used a high density roller to smooth

Almost done, wish I had a better way to get the lines straight and even

All colors done

My Little Pony Cake

 This cake was requested by one of my kids. I could not find any cakes online that had a 3D Rainbow so I created my own design and it's all covered in buttercream.