Friday, June 1, 2012

Gigantic Cupcake Cake Disaster

I made this for one of my best friend's friend before getting paid. Hours of work and she turned out to be a flake and didn't pay me. Claims her so called sister in law didn't like the cake so I redid the entire top and she still didn't like it. This girl said she would still pay me for it and she would take it for herself as a housewarming cake. Guess what? Excuse after excuse and already 5 days later no money and cake still was in the fridge. So I dumped it! I posted it on my Facebook what happened and she had the nerve to text me and tell me it was wrong what I said. "That I got screwed." She claims she got the raw end of it but does she not remember she didn't purchase supplies, spend time baking while using my electricity, wasting my fridge space for potential customers, then throwing away the expensive fondant because she didn't like the cake, then redo it using more materials and then NEVER get paid for it? Hmmm and in her text she claimed, I will get my money! WHATEVER!!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER dealing with this again. It's unfortunate that people like this are reasons why I have to get a deposit and then get full payment before I even start baking anymore.

Anyway, now that it out there. Here's is the cake before and after.

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