Monday, April 22, 2013

Doc McStuffins Cake

This is the 2nd Doc McStuffins Cake I've made. There were a few changes since the last one. This one has Doc, Lambie and Hailie.



19 Dozen Cupcakes

These 19 Dozen Cupcakes were donated for an event called "Celebrate Life With Rock." It was a celebration for my dear friend Rock Groupe who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer.

Sock Monkey Baby Shower Cake



Candyland Cake



Bunco Cake



Gift Box Cake

Easter Cupcakes

Pink Hibiscus Princess Cake

My most recent "Caketastrophe" This cake just about caused me to quit caking. If I can't work with this Florida heat and humidity I guess I better find another job. Not only was it hot and humid out but this cake started getting "fart" bubbles that hardened and cracked. On top of that there was so much fondant that the cake started to weigh down even more and buckling occurred on every tier. I think the only think I liked about the cake in the end was the crown. Unfortunately the cake was delivered and set up like this because I had 1 hour til party time and still had to deliver it 30 mins away, so really the only thing I could do was apologize. Thankfully, my client was very understanding and tried to make me feel better by saying it wasn't noticeable.

Pink Bubble Guppies Cake & Cupcakes

Who says Bubble Guppies Cakes can't be pink???? 

Purple Zebra Sweet 16 Cake

The cake with the topper that my client sent me.